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released August 12, 2008



all rights reserved
Track Name: Simple Things
Verse 1:
Simple things
We take pleasure in the simple things
We take pride in little victories
And we wear our simple crowns
Oh, tugs of war, we battle ships and thunderstorms
And naked is our uniform
It’s our simple hand-me-down

It’s a beautiful morning
Beautiful morning
Dressed up in summer and tied with a bow
Let’s be courageous and face tiny dangers
Let’s climb those fences
With signs that say “don’t”
Beautiful man I’m a beautiful woman
Find simple pleasures wherever we go
It’s the simple things
That make us feel at home

Verse 2:
For a simple view
We’ll sleep up on your daddy’s roof
Cuz our sleeping bags are waterproof
And they leave static in our hair
For poor Heaven’s sake
The sky is tired of being scraped
(And) pigeons crowd the fire escapes
There is traffic in the air

We get high on simple things and
We take flight on dips and swings
We fly…

Verse 3:
Aren’t you tired of being prisoner of your desires?
There is life beyond the razor wire
That you’ve strung around your mind
When you complicate the simple pleasures it’s too late
Cuz you’ll know better than to take pleasure in the simple
Things in life…
Track Name: Rocket Surgery
Verse 1:
You’ve marched
To your pomp and your circumstance
You’re starched you’re a formal affair and I
Can’t breathe
You’re smart you know all those big words
And their meanings
But you aren’t very good at remembering
Small things

Verse 2:
You say that you love me but I ask you
How much
So you spread your arms wide till behind you
Your thumbs touch
And you hold that position as I add it all up
Oh, in cold hard mathematical terms you’re
In love

So hold me, don’t think too hard about it
Would common sense allow it?
You wait too long and you’ll lose me
Just do it when you get the urging
Oh its not rocket surgery
When you know you love someone it’s easy

Verse 3:
Your book heavy head is so weighted with
Deep thoughts
As you lay in my lap and we struggle with
Small talk
Try writing it down but you trip on
Writer's block
So we just “hmmm mmm mmm”
On and on and on and on

We’re a pair you’re smart, I’m romantic
Kiss like you care, your mouth is mechanical
Words are air, over my head they blow
So blink once if you like it
And blink twice if you don’t
Three times, if you love it
And then just keep them closed


(Chorus X2)
Track Name: Angel Tangled In The Telephone Lines
Verse 1:
I prayed I prayed on my knees
On my knees…
Oh I prayed all night
My chin upon my chest
I prayed for a light
To help me get through this
And in the morning
Outside my window I see
I wasn’t alone,
Help was on her way to me

There’s an angel tangled in the telephone lines
The telephone lines, the telephone lines
Would you say you built our city too high?
Our city too high, is sitting too high…

Verse 2:
Hear sirens crying
We called the fire chief
And all his firemen
Came to cut the angel free
And she will bless them
They bow their heavy heads
This is as close to heaven
That they will ever get

We can’t be too sure
According to the chief
Why our ropes are too short
Our ladders won't reach
Track Name: Would You Miss Me
Verse 1:
Monday, Monday dreaming oh, it always ends the same
You ache for Saturday but you can’t reach
If I found you lonesome for someone you’ve never met
You haven’t found her yet would that be me?

Chorus 1:
Would you miss me today if I met you tomorrow?
If I met you tomorrow? Would you miss me?

Verse 2:
You’re homesick for a place you’ve never been-
I’ll take you there; yes I will take you there in stranger’s skin
Oh, the road that leads to “morrow” limitless and wide
So keep an open mind and let me in

Chorus 2:
Would you miss me today if I met you tomorrow?
If I met you tomorrow? Would you miss me?
Would you know that you need me before I said hello?
Hello? If I met you tomorrow, would you miss me?

Wait for it, Wait for it, Wait for it, you’ll be glad you did

Verse 3:
I know you kiss the back of your hand like it was my face
You hold your pillow like my waist; just put me in their place
Track Name: Thank You For Last Night
Verse 1:
A taste, can last me miles
I know you waste your eager smiles
On perfect strangers on the street
It doesn’t bother me; it doesn’t bother me

Verse 2:
Because I know they’ll never see
The things you show only to me
And I and only I reserve the right
To say things like thank you for last night
Ohh oh yea…

Verse 3:
We woke up with the morning news
Some girls would kill to wear my shoes
And they can try to fit my size
But these shoes are mine and only I
Can thank you for last night
Ohh oh yea…

Oh, and my words always fall short
This is too big to use them for
When I say “thank you”
I mean so much more
Thank you for last night
Ohh oh yea

Verse 3:
We made slow motion love
We had to race to catch back up
And there’s no way to say this right
But I just in all politeness want to
Thank you, thank you, thank you
Thank you for last night
Track Name: Love is Trippy
Verse 1:
A third party at a table for two
I’m sorry I don’t mean to intrude
But it was me and you before you met her
And all the love songs you wrote for me
(You) stuck her name where mine used to be
But my name in them fit the rhythm better

I’d go if you had a ride
And I’d smoke if you had a light
And I fall every time for this

And love is trippy like that
Sometimes you think that you’ve got it
Nobody’s gonna trip you
Outta this one baby
But love will slip through your hands
You never know how to hold it
Control it you’re gripping
It’s tripping you up

Verse 2:
Says the woman who sings at the bar
This is for you, you know who you are
I was you once, looking for someone
I never found…
She paints in a low smoky voice
Pictures of bruises, bad days and boys
And how they stood her up just to let her down

She’d win if you were the prize
(She) gives in to all of your lies
She falls every time for this…(Chorus)

Verse 3:
For all of the girls who feel like they’re overdressed
Undersexed, starving for yesses or maybes
Tired of always being ignored
He might see the available chair
Beside me, the invitation is there
But I’m not the kind of scratch he’s itching for…

I’d go if you had a ride
I’d smoke if you had a light
I fall every time for this
Track Name: Appreciate Your Hands
Verse 1:
You try, you try, you strive
You aim to please
But nobody cares, nobody sees
I have a taste for talent wasted
Oh, waste it on me, waste it on me

Bury your shovel by the door
Nail your hammer to the floor
This job is for a gentle hand
You have so much love to give
And I am here to welcome it
As long as you’ve got time to spend
And I'll be the kind of work…
That appreciates your hands

Verse 2:
You’re a hero gone to waste
Untouched, unused
(But) I’ve never been
This beautifully rescued
Medals on your chest, no one salutes
I am in debt; I don’t deserve you
Track Name: Time Machine
Verse 1:
Look, I’ve built a time machine
To take us back to when
Your perfect word was “please”
And mine was always “yes”

Verse 2:
Grown-ups and “no no” words
They spelled over our heads
We’ll go back with all we’ve learned
And translate what they said

We’ll fast forward a year or so
We can’t wait here we have to know
Will we still be each other’s or alone?

Verse 3:
So on the count of three
A year from now tonight
We'll both turn in bed to see
Who could be sleeping on the other side
Track Name: Under My Bed
Verse 1:
Come to my window, my house is asleep
I’ll leave a light on for you
The chain-linked fence slaps against the wind’s cheek
Breaking the silent curfew

Chorus 1:
Through cupped hands, we make plans
So they won’t take us away
Though harm sleeps, our instincts
Are fighting to keep us awake
Come and live under my bed

Verse 2:
(My) closet is where all the wild things hide
When I’m alone they take charge
But your flashlight’s a gun
Yellow bullets of light
Battles my fear of the dark

Chorus 2:
Through cupped hands, we make plans
So they won’t take us away
Though harm sleeps our instincts
Are fighting to keep us awake
Come and live under my bed
It’s what I’ve always wanted

Verse 3:
Wake ups are hiccups I have in my dreams
I hold my breath till I’m blue
Though pins and needles my put me to sleep
I’ll never lose feeling for you

Chorus 3:
Through cupped hands, we make plans
So they won’t take us away
Though harm sleeps our instincts
Are fighting to keep us awake
Come and live under my bed
It’s what I’ve always wanted
Don’t tell anybody especially grown-ups
'Cause grown-ups would not understand
So come and live under my bed
Track Name: Bird's Eye View
Verse 1:
Birds are cattle of the sky
They graze on heaven’s lawn
A mile high
They have their heads in the clouds
Why bother bringing them down?
Why oh why?

Oh I've seen everything new
From a bird’s eye view
From the clouds
Now that I know all that I’ve missed
Gonna make it harder to live
On the ground

Verse 2:
The world is their nest
And the sun is their call
And like a sleeper’s chest
It rises and falls
Oh to be…be so easily moved
A worm is a wet dream
From a bird’s eye view

Verse 3:
Birds are cattle of the sky,
They graze on heaven’s lawn
A mile high…